Czechoslovak Trail

About the project

Many a dozen hikers have completed the SNUH Trail, and many are setting off on the Czech Thru-Hike Trail along the Czech boarders. CzechoSlovak Trail is an opportunity for those who have done one of the trails, those who want to do a long thru-hike and also for those who would like to hike through both countries.

How to do it?

  • Study the SNUH Trail and the Czech Trail websites. They give information about where to find maps, how to follow the trail, how to get itineraries and what the expected behavior is in the Slovak and the Czech territory. Please get familiar with the “Leave No Trace” principles. It can be found under the “Leave No Trace Tab” tab.
  • It doesn’t matter if you start the journey in the west or in the east, or if in Czechia you take the northern or the southern trail. Plan your trip so that you enjoy it.
  • In Slovakia, you can sign up for live tracking HERE. In Czechia, a list of hikers is available HERE.
  • To complete the full CzechoSlovak Trail, you need to reach both ends without taking shortcuts.  
  • To find out more, please contact us on (Slovakia) or (Czechia), or visit the SNUH Trail and the Czech Trail Facebook pages.

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