Czechoslovak Trail

CzechoSlovak Trail

CzechoSlovak Trail is 1,700 km long and consists of two thru-hike trails: Cesta hrdinů SNP (Slovak National Uprising Heroes Trail – SNUH Trail) across Slovakia, and Stezka Českem (Czech Thru-Hike Trail). It starts – or finishes – in the westmost point of Czechia and in Dukla, the end of SNUH Trail.  In Czechia, it passes through the highest and the most beautiful mountain ranges along the north (or south) border. In Slovakia, it takes you through multiple mountain ranges, following the historical SNUH Trail, e.g. Volovské Highlands, the Low Tatras, Kremnické Highlands, and Bílé Karpaty (the White Carpathians). The trek offers everything you might ask of a thru-hike: beautiful mountains and ranges, amazing peaks, breathtaking views and many hidden beauty spots waiting to be discovered.

CzechoSlovak Trail was founded by a group of enthusiasts who take care of the SNUH Trail and the Czech Thru-Hike Trail in cooperation with Slovak Hiking Club and Czech Tourist Club . The aim is to offer an opportunity to experience a thru-hike in the beautiful Slovak and Czech mountains, following local regulations and the Leave No Trace principles, so that those who come after us can enjoy the beautiful scenery the way we did.

Signposts are going to be installed in the places where the Slovak Trail meets the Czech Trail, giving hikers meeting points and an opportunity to make contact with those who choose to stay in the country rather than cross the border.

All the maps and information about your stay, itineraries and hiking tips can be found on the SNUH Trail website (Cesta hrdinů SNP) and on the Czech Trail website (Stezka Českem).

The websites give the main rules you should follow to complete the trek, nature protection rules and links to useful websites you can visit before setting out.  

Have fun hiking!

SNUH Trail team and Stezka Českem team

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